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Dr. francesca's
favorite products

Explore Dr. Francesca's Favorite Wellness Products! Elevate your well-being with a thoughtfully curated selection of health and self-care essentials for living a healthier lifestyle. From quality health supplements to low/non-toxic household products, each product is personally chosen by Dr. Francesca.

The following links and codes are to companies and products that I love, use, and recommend to my patients and friends on a daily basis. Many of the following products embody the naturopathic lifestyle I strive to have. The links and codes provide me with a small commission that helps support my practice at no extra cost to you, the customer. With a full heart, I am grateful for your support.

Dr. Francesca is an affiliate for Amazon and other companies. Some links contained below may be affiliate links from which she receives a small commission at no extra cost to the customer.



Castor Oil Pack Set

A photo of 2 products: 1 is a brush applicator and the other is a bottle of ColorScience SPF. Main color of the product is teal

Colorscience Mineral sunscreen

clean beauty and skincare.png




Red light bulb for better sleep

clear skin pimple patches.png

Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches

Menstrual Care

fertility trying to conceive.jpg

Tempdrop Basal Body Thermometer


Pixie Menstrual Cup

period cramps and hormones.png

Rael Organic Period Products

organic period products.png

Lola Organic Period Care

Hair Care


Nutrafol Hair Supplements

Shiny hair.png

Hair (Silk) Peptides Soft Hydrating Hair Serum

healthy hair.png

Holi (mane) collagen

hair strengthening serum.png

Holi (Locks) Strengthening Hair Serum

Electrolytes and superfoods

Photo of a group of flavored electrolyte packs from the company LMNT

LMNT electrolytes

matcha pique tea radiant skin.png

Pique Tea


Santa Cruz Paleo Electrolytes


Xylitol Nasal spray


Redmond Re-lyte electrolytes

Photo of powder being poured into a cup of water. It is a photo of the supplement by NOOCI


 Drfrancesca15 for 15% off

HOusehold Items


Coway Airmega HEPA Air purifier


Acacia wood Cutting Board


Reusable Silicone

food Storage bags


Insulated stainless steel coffee tumbler

healthy cookware.png

Favorite Cast Iron Skillet


Stainless steel Coffee pot


Reusable silicone straws

Photo of a blue bag of coffee laying on a tree bark. It is a bag of organic coffee from the company Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee


For 20% off

non-toxic cookware.png

Cast iron cookware


Personal blender-Nutribullet Pro

Logo of the online market: Thrive Market. White letters on teal background

Thrive Market

Authorized Merchant

BIOJUVE_Logo_Gold_RGB (1) (1) (1)_scale_100.png

Let's Work Together

You can schedule an appointment with me at The Adapt Lab clinic in Solana Beach, CA or Olympus Movement Performance in Vista, CA.  I look forward to working with you!

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