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Self-care: The most important healthy habit

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

If you’re anything like me, placing other people’s needs before your own comes as second nature. But it is important to prioritize yourself and your needs.

February is the month of LOVE. It seems everywhere we look there's a couple getting engaged or married; there are endless flower and chocolate deliveries; and people declaring their love for one another at every turn. While this is all wonderful and great to see, we often forget to show ourselves and our bodies the love we deserve. We owe it to ourselves to prioritize our needs to lead happier and healthier lives.

How to make self-care an automatic practice:

#1 - Romanticize your life

I know, this sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. Romanticizing your life is a form of mindfulness. It allows you to be the main character in your life (think Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City).

So often, we allow others to dominate our day-to-day that we end up as a supporting role in our lives. For example, we all know a story about an intern who is the first to show up to work and last to leave only to spend the day carrying out tedious tasks for her bosses. She rarely has time to see her friends, catch up on the latest news, or treat herself to a mani/pedi. Another example is when parents put their health on the back burner to carry out every need and whim for their children only to risk physical and mental health problems in the future.

In both of these scenarios, the intern and parents are no longer in control of their narratives. Their stories are controlled by other people and situations.

Allowing time, even just 5 minutes a day, to put yourself back in the main character role will help your mental health immensely. Romanticizing your life will make even the most mundane task, like going to Target to buy the nice, fluffy toilet paper, feel special.

In a time when small and mundane actions fill our lives, it is important to be more mindful of our actions to make the small and mundane feel big and exciting. This is a way to change our perspective-- instead of letting life happen to us, we are becoming active participants in life and directing how we want our lives to go.

Ways to Romanticize your Life:

  • Cook a family recipe that is only made during special occasions on a random day of the week.

  • Burn the scented candle you've been saving.

  • Use the fancy soap you only bring out when you have guests over.

  • Wear a dressy outfit while running errands.

  • Buy yourself flowers or a box of chocolates.

  • Take yourself out on a fancy date to a restaurant you've been wanting to try. Make into a me-date or invite your closest friends.

  • Purchase the premium, fluffy toilet paper because your bum deserves luxury, also.

  • Splurge on the nice gel pens and pretty notebook to journal your thoughts.

These only scratch the surface of a romanticized life. Take your most mundane tasks and turn them into an amazing adventure.

#2 - Do not be afraid to ask for help

Asking for help is a form of self-care. In a society where "doing it all" is a sign of success, many of us risk burn-out and failing mental health. We are not meant to walk through life by ourselves. We are a social beings who should be able to rely on each other for a helping hand without the risk of being judged or deemed "needy" or "weak."

Whether it is hiring a cleaning service to come over every week to clean your house or hiring a nanny to help with your children, you should not feel as though you are "less than" as a wife, mother, or friend. It is imperative that we change how we look at asking for help and assistance. There are so many cases of people who asked for help and were brushed off or were afraid to be a bother by asking for help. As a result, their mental and emotional health took a tumble.

I challenge you to examine the aspects of your life where you can benefit from having a helping hand and to reach out to those who are able to help you. So many more doors will open to you in regards to your health and personal relationships when you make space for better mental clarity.

#3 - Prioritize your health

It is alarming to know most people will put their health needs to the back burner because of "lack of time" or "lack of funds." But I am here to tell you that your health will be your most important investment and form of self-care.

We've all heard the sayings, "You can't pour from an empty cup" and "Secure the oxygen mask to your face before assisting other passengers." These aren't just random things that are said-- they are important reminders to take care of your needs before trying to assist others.

Ensuring a healthy mind and body for yourself also ensures healthy minds and bodies of your family and friends who depend on you daily.

Self - care shopping list:

Art deco/ vintage glass coffee mug

A fancy coffee mug for your morning pick-me-up.

40oz Stanley water bottle dupe

Go ahead, splurge on a trendy water bottle if it means you'll be extra hydrated all day.

Non-toxic lipstick

Treat yourself to the best non-toxic lipstick on the market.

Epsom salts

Wind down from a long day with a relaxing bath.

stainless steel moka pot

Level up your morning coffee game with a moka pot.

Amazon's Kindle device

Have every Colleen Hoover novel at your fingertips with a Kindle.

Book a Naturopathic Medical appointment with me to have your health closely examined.

Let's make 2023 your healthiest year yet!

If you’d like to work with me and get a more in depth look at your hormones, cycle and overall health, call The Adapt Lab clinic at 858.209.2400 to make an appointment. I look forward to helping you get your health back on track!

*Disclaimer: Although I am a doctor, I may not be your doctor. The information contained within the pages of this site are for educational purposes only and should not to be used to treat conditions. Please consult with your doctor before implementing any of the treatments, diets, supplements, etc. mentioned in this blog.*

*Dr. Francesca is an affiliate for Amazon and other companies. Some links contained within the blog posts may be affiliate links from which she receives a small commission at no extra cost to the customer.*

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